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 Skatepark Trainer Center Three


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Latitude: 10° 29.453' N
Longitude: 66° 55.79' W

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av paez,el paraiso


Public access? 


 Spot Characteristics

Alternative name Skatepark Deportes Extremos

Spot info

Spot quality 


Type of spot Skatepark, Parking Lot, Drainage Ditch, Parking Garage, Backyard Ramp, Stairs/Rails, Hill (speed), Hill (carving / slalom)

Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor

Designed for Skate, Roller, BMX

Good for Skate, Roller, BMX

More details

Week crowd 

Week-end crowd 



Contact information

Name trainer center three

Street av paez

City caracas

State or province distrito capital

zip code 10100




More details

Size 4000

Open From 9am to si

After dark 







Skate Street Course, Mini Ramp, Quarter Pipe, Spine, Vertical Ramp, Bowl, Others

Urban Stairs, Rails, Curb, Others

Pool Death Box, Light, Drain, Slide, Ladder, Others

Equipment info

Surface/Construction Concrete, Skatelite, Masonite, Wood, Metal, Pavement, Mixture

Condition Good Condition

Designed/Build by 

 Additional Information

skatepark y escuela de desarrollo y masificacion deportiva.skate patinetas, roller patines, bmx bike,moto street,mono cross,.-dirigido a niños niñas jovenes y adultos.-


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