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Sk8 park atls made by skaters for skaters
Enjoy and contribute!

 Pig Pool skatepark

Brazil, Sao Paulo State

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Latitude: 22° 44.472' S
Longitude: 45° 6.746' W

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Pela rod Pres Drutra e pela av peixoto de castro lugar e na Rua osvaldo aranha


Public access? 


 Spot Characteristics

Spot info

Spot quality 


Type of spot Skatepark

Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor

Designed for Skate

Good for Skate

More details

Week crowd 

Week-end crowd 



Contact information

Name Pig Pool

Street Osvaldo aranha

City Lorena

State or province Sp

zip code 




More details

Size 0

Open From 08 horas ate 20 hores to terça ,quinta ,sabado

After dark 


 20,00 reais p dia





Skate Mini Ramp, Bowl, Snake Run



Equipment info

Surface/Construction Concrete

Condition Brand New

Designed/Build by 

 Additional Information

A pig Pool acaba de sei inaugurada (agosto 2010) e de propriedade particular do skater Old School Andre Benine (PIG) consiste em uma skatepark com bowl, banks, mini rampas - e toda estrutura banheiros (masc/ Fem) vestíario, som, luz,agua , ducha , área para churrasco,. O Proprietário mora ao lado , mas skatepark fica aberta somente as terças quintas e sabados. A localização e 5 mim da Rod Presidente Dutra.

Author: Eduardo Yndyo Tassara Contributors (1) They ride this site ! (0)


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